Plico Team 18/12/2023 6 min read

Will Santa's sleigh break my solar panels?

The imminent arrival of Santa Claus is causing some concern among solar households, who are worried about the potential damage his rooftop landing will cause to their solar panels.

The impact of a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer, plus the jolly man himself and a sack full of toys, has some people questioning whether their panels will make it through Christmas Eve - and still be generating clean energy for Christmas Day.

We can reassure Plico members that their panels won’t be damaged by the man in the big red suit. Here’s why.


Built to withstand a hurricane

The LONGi and Trina solar panels used in our solar + battery solution are built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Trina Solar recently ran a series of load tests on their new module to see how the panels would perform under pressure, including an extreme wind tunnel test, non-uniform snow-load and 20,000 cycles of dynamic mechanical load. The verdict: the panels passed with flying colours.

LONGi also builds their solar panels for durance and reliability. The good news is that they also pass the test, surviving strong wind, heavy rain and hail stones as large as 3.5cm! 

Global demand for solar panels means that manufacturers need to ensure they are suitable for all weather conditions and applications. From strong winds, snowstorms and hailstorms – to the magic of Christmas – our solar panels are built to last. While they might make Santa’s landing a little more slippery, rest assured the panels won’t be damaged on impact.


The magic of Christmas

Solid engineering means your panels can handle almost anything. But if you need a little extra reassurance, then you can sleep easy this Christmas Eve knowing that Santa has a few tricks up his sleeve too. Just as Santa can fit down the smallest of chimneys and enter homes without making a sound, he can crash land on your rooftop without you noticing a thing.

You see, Santa’s magical hat allows him to transform – to make himself smaller, lighter or stretchier – whatever he needs to get the job done. Santa can make himself, his sleigh and nine reindeer a little lighter when they make their landing on your rooftop. This ensures they don’t wake any light sleepers. And that’s great news for your solar panels, which will survive the night and be ready to generate free energy from the sun come Christmas morning.


Santa loves solar panels

One thing not widely known about Santa is that he loves to be green. Each year as he flies over rooftops in his zero-emissions sleigh, he smiles to himself at the growing number of shiny roofs glittering back at him. And Santa much prefers the twinkle of Christmas lights run on clean, renewable energy.

Santa loves to see the children of the world doing good, but he gets a real kick when he can see mums and dads are doing good things too. If you want your roof to glitter for Santa next year and ensure you make the nice list, contact us or speak to one of our friendly team members on 1300 175 426 to get a Plico solar +battery solution.


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