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Electrify Everything to make the most of your Plico system

Going electric makes sense when you are producing your own clean renewable energy at home. But what things in the home can be ‘electrified’?

Electric vehicles (EV) are the obvious first choice. You can charge them at home as well as at the growing number of charging points around the state. There are even charging points scattered on major highways, making taking your EV on holiday a new reality.

And it’s not just switching the family car that will help you save. Water heaters or space heaters burning natural gas use about three times as much energy as an electric heat pump for the same result. By replacing household appliances like gas heaters, stovetops and water heaters, you'll cut down on your utility bills and carbon emissions. Switch to reverse cycle air-conditioning, electric stoves and heat pumps – all highly efficient systems that can save you thousands each year when combined with your Solar Battery System.

An easy solution to a big problem

Electrify everything is something being widely promoted by Australian inventor and US government advisor Saul Griffith. In his Rewiring Australia Discussion Paper Castles and Cars, he claims that “a fully electrified home powered by renewables will need less than 40% of the energy of its fossil-fueled counterpart.”¹ That means we can make a big reduction in emissions without having to make big changes to the way we live.

The report also highlights the inefficiencies with using fossil fuels for energy. Coal-fired power plants are just 25-30% efficient and gas plants a little better at 40-45%. Producing electricity with renewables reduces these thermo-electric losses. Plus there are fewer losses from transmission of energy across a large network because you are generating your own energy right where you need it – your home.

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¹ Rewiring Australia, Castles and Cars: Savings in the suburbs through electrifying everything, 2021. Available at:


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