Plico Team 19/11/2021 6 min read

Win $3000 Cash for Your Small Business with Plico

We understand the effort and endurance it takes to make your small business thrive. As a growing small business ourselves, we’ve experienced the challenges in overcoming those hurdles that are unique to smaller companies – that’s why we want to give your business an injection of cash leading into the new year.

Western Australian small business owners have the opportunity to win $3000 just by completing an obligation free feasibility visit with one of our Project Managers by December 23rd* 2021. It’s a win-win – you’ll find out what solar plus battery system could cut down your electrical bills and also get the chance to win a nice bit of cash in the process.

A major deterrent for small businesses in switching to renewable energy is the upfront costs. For companies, installing solar can be an expense anywhere between $12,100 to $115,500, capital that can be hard to raise when running a smaller operation.

Plico is doing things differently. In the pursuit of helping more Australians switch to clean energy, we offer no big upfront costs – allowing you to reap the rewards of solar immediately. Combine solar panels and battery storage for one low weekly fee – giving your business the reassurance and self-reliance to know that your customers and employees will be unaffected in their power needs, no matter what’s happening in the outside world. Even better, you don't have to own your own commercial space or building - we can talk to the landlord for you and explain the many benefits.

Click here to book a feasibility visit for your business and get a chance at winning $3000 cash. Have questions? Give one of our Project Managers a call on 1300 175 426 to have your queries answered. Good luck!

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