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Plico community making a difference: DCEP Annual Report

Plico and our membership association DCEP, are driven by the desire to make a positive impact on our community and our planet. We make a difference not only through our growing fleet of clean energy systems and Virtual Power Plant (VPP), but through community outreach and member support programs delivered by our valued DCEP Committee. 

DCEP unveiled their 2022-2023 Annual Report at the AGM in November, showcasing this community impact and the performance of the ever-expanding Plico fleet. DCEP provided 10 community organisations with funding through the Plico Community Fund for local environmental and community enhancement projects. Assistance was also extended to a Plico member through the Hardship Fund. 

Every member who joins Plico contributes a $250 membership fee, which is invested into these two funds. All Plico members are also members of DCEP under Plico's unique membership model.

"As Plico members, we not only personally contribute to the renewable energy movement but also play a vital role in achieving broader community sustainability goals through the VPP and our community outreach efforts," said Neil Shipley, Chair of DCEP.

The Plico fleet of solar + battery systems experienced remarkable growth in the financial year, more than doubling in size. Our community generated an impressive 9,236 MWh of energy, with 3,769 MWh being exported to the grid. We also tripled our battery storage capacity and reduced carbon emissions by over 5000 tonnes. 

Together, we are cultivating a community of change-makers dedicated to shaping a better future, and our efforts are making a tangible difference.

"It has been incredible to see our Plico community go from strength to strength this past year. Our unwavering commitment to our values and the ‘bigger picture’ has solidified our position in the solar and battery market," said Brian Innes, Co-Founder of DCEP and Plico.

"Our VPP is demonstrating how managed, distributed solar, combined with battery storage can effectively and efficiently accelerate the energy transition at a lower cost than other alternatives," he said. 

"The future of energy is here, and I am thrilled to be part of it with you."

To learn more about the work of DCEP and Plico in 2022-2023, read the DCEP Annual Report 2022-2023.

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