Plico Team 11/06/2021 3 min read

Stay connected to the internet

A reminder to Plico Members that an internet connection is required at all times at your property, as part of the Virtual Power Plant Service Agreement (VPPSA). 

Your Solar Battery System communicates with Plico over the internet and allows us to identify any potential issues or performance improvements. We need your system to be connected to the internet so that we can receive this vital information. It also allows us to track your energy production and use that information to benefit all Plico Members as part of the Virtual Power Plant arrangement.

If you do not have an adequate internet connection, we will let you know in the first instance. If the breach is recurrent or persistent, it may exclude your system from the Virtual Power Plant and associated benefits of participation. More importantly, it limits our capacity to provide you with ongoing and proactive support.

Here's the fine print...

Section 9.5 of Plico Members’ VPP Service Agreement states that an internet connection is required at all times:

“You will, at your own cost, procure the provision of adequate permanent (except for reasonable normal service interruptions) internet access from a third party internet service provider to enable the operation of our equipment (including as part of a Virtual Power Plant).”

Plico is not liable for any data or internet usage costs incurred while we or our energy contractor are operating, maintaining or otherwise using the equipment.

If you are having issues maintaining an internet connection, please contact us. Our friendly team is always happy to help out where we can! 


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