Plico is built to support community

Building a community and community building

We consider our contribution to Community is unique and includes:

  1. Community ownership
  2. Community projects

The community ownership of the Plico Project is an award-winning,new and unique business model which ensures the benefits of this massive project return to our members.

With a “social enterprise” component running through our business model, contributing to community projects is a key part of our ethos.

When we start talking about “owning an energy company”, what we often hear is “What does that mean?”

The Plico Energy project is an award-winning, new and unique business model which ensures the benefits of this massive project return to our members.

Each person who joins the project becomes are member of an Association (similar to a sporting club), which is the ultimate owner of the project.

Ownership overview

  • As a Plico customer you automatically become a member of DCEP Inc.DCEP Inc is a not for profit association that (along with our funder SUSI Partners) owns the company known as CEPCO 2019.
  • The contract you have for your Plico system is with CEPCO 2019.
  • CEPCO 2019 in turn owns all the Plico systems on all the households and makes up the Virtual Power Plant (VPP).
    Members of DCEP Inc. share in any benefits delivered to the group

You don’t own your system outright – you are a collective owner of the company that owns the assets through your membership with DCEP Inc.

Community Projects

Every time a new member joins Plico Energy, we donate $250 into a community fund managed by DCEP Inc (a registered not-for-profit association).

DCEP Inc manages all community-based sustainable infrastructure projects and oversees the governance of individual Plico Sub-Committees.

Local municipalities, sporting clubs, schools and councils can nominate as a sub-committee.  Members of these groups can nominate the relevant sub-committee for allocation of the $250 donation.  The sub-committee can apply to draw down these funds.

Draw down of funds is at the discretion of the committee and can be used for projects that have a sustainable focus and benefit the wider community.