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Multi-million dollar investment propels Plico toward the future

It’s been a big few years for Plico, and 2021 was no exception. In fact, we closed out the year on a high with a shiny new award and confirmation of a multi-million dollar investment from sustainable infrastructure fund manager, SUSI Partners. 


What's the big news? 

In December 2021 we were awarded Startup Business of the Year at the Business News Rise Awards. Facing tough competition, we were awarded the prize and are now even more motivated to continue working hard to bring renewable, reliable energy to the people of WA and Australia.
In the same month, we secured a multi-million dollar investment partnership with SUSI Partners, a Swiss private fund manager. They specialise in sustainable energy infrastructure investments and their backing now shines the light on Plico’s potential across Australia.
SUSI Partners joins Plico as an equal partner and, in addition, has committed to finance the further rollout of Plico systems over the coming years. The fund’s evergreen structure is perfectly suited to provide permanent capital and an ideal support for a long-term rollout strategy at significant scale. 


What does the investment mean?  

Our Co-CEO, Kerry Milne said this investment sends a strong signal to the Australian market that Plico has officially moved from start-up to significant player in the Solar Battery sector.
“This investment is more than just accelerating our growth plan. It’s about demonstrating to our current and future customers that we’re a quality solar and battery provider, with global backing that they can trust to give them a powerful solution to their energy needs,” Milne said.
“We’re here for the long-haul to help businesses and households move away from the grid and using fossil fuels. We know that people want to reduce their carbon footprint without reducing their energy consumption. Plico does both. We provide a long-term affordable solar and battery system that helps people go beyond just putting solar panels on their roof,” she said.
“We help people take back control, so they can now generate, store and access their own sustainable energy. We aim to make clean energy accessible to every Australian household by 2040,” Milne said.


Why SUSI Partners? 

With SUSI Partners, Plico has found a partner with longstanding experience in financing energy transition and a shared purpose of contributing to global carbon neutrality.
“We have found a financial partner that shares our vision of clean energy, who also has more than a decade track record of successfully pursuing this goal,” Milne said.
According to the Australian Energy Market Operators (AEMO) in their Renewable Energy Integration – SWIS update report (Sept 2021), renewable generation is already meeting up to 70% of total energy demand in certain SWIS time intervals, 56% by rooftop solar generation. With installed rooftop solar capacity in the region expected to double in the next decade, that share is bound to increase even further. 
The team behind Plico are truly excited by these major milestones, and energised for a huge 2022. We are driven to help as many people as possible benefit from the clean, renewable energy our beautiful country provides.
If you’d like to learn more about putting solar in at your place, talk to one of our friendly team members.


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