Plico Team 11/06/2021 2 min read

BGC Housing Plico partnership

Plico has teamed up with BGC Housing Group to offer new home builders the opportunity to join the Plico Movement!

Clients who build through BGC Housing and its partners will now have the opportunity to opt-in for a Plico Solar Battery System on their new build.

Plico also now has a presence at the BGC Home Showroom in Osborne Park, with a dedicated Plico room to allow clients to engage directly with us and hear how our innovative model could benefit them.

Plico is also excited to be co-hosting a Sustainability Expo with BGC at their showroom on August 22 to showcase the range of sustainability products and services available for new builds and beyond. 

  • Locking in electricity prices for 10 years
  • Producing your own clean, renewable energy
  • Protection from grid blackouts

Now what new homeowner wouldn't want a fresh start like that?!


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