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Winter Plico Energy Performance

Winter solstice is to “sun harvesters” what hump day is to the rest of the world. And just like looking forward to Friday -  it's all good news from here as we dash towards our peak sun production months. The advantage of our oversized solar and battery system is that every ounce of sunlight that is scattered through the clouds is captured for use either straight away or stored for nighttime energy requirements.

We may be only 3 weeks into winter in Perth but we’ve just past the shortest day of the year – the Winter Solstice. So, while many have been celebrating over the weekend with pagan festivals and bonfires, Plico enthusiasts are watching their systems and comparing them to the long summer days that are on *their way.

Energy production from solar will be affected during winter simply because there are less hours of sunshine - the sun rises later and sets earlier – and the angle of the sun is much lower.  These angle changes reduce output and as such, there is also potentially greater shading from trees or other structures.

However great results are still possible.  Here are a couple of screenshots from our customer portal showing results in terms of energy production over the last 30 days, taken from real-time data on Monday 22nd June 2020.



Even though June in Perth has the lowest monthly mean daily global solar exposure of the year, these customers are still achieving great results with their Plico systems.  Performance varies across systems based on consumption patterns.

According to BOM charts, the average monthly solar production increases from its low of 9.4 in June and peaks at 29.9 in December, as can be seen on this chart -

Daily Global Solar Exposure - Perth Metro



So while the sun shines a little less in June – the good news is, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Even with some dreary June days – it’s possible to generate plenty of solar energy, store it for night time use, and cut those energy and heating costs.

Traditional, unmanaged solar is great – but by installing a Plico System (with solar and battery), you can generate your own energy for use day and night and beat those winter blues – for at least the next 10 years!

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