Plico Team 16/03/2020 7 min read

Starling Energy Group Response to COVID-19 for the Plico Energy Project

The health and safety of our team, members, partners and the community are our priority – and it is our absolute focus right now given the escalating COVID-19 health crisis.

From Monday 16th March, our team will all be working from their homes.

We are advocates for listening to the science first and this virus is a perfect example of where science needs to lead our response, and not politics or economic self-interest.

Science is saying very clearly that if we all engage today in social distancing, it will slow the spread of the virus allowing the health system to cope with the cases that will inevitably present and save many lives.

Our European partners, friends and their families are currently experiencing a stressed health system where doctors are having to triage and selectively treat because of the surge they are experiencing.  Acting now in Australia is imperative to prevent this happening here.

We are therefore taking social distancing very seriously and have implemented a number of additional, proactive health and safety measures to ensure we can continue to provide the best, and safest, experience possible to our members and the community.

Plico Energy predominately operates as a virtual business and is minimally impacted by working from home and remote meetings.  We have made the decision to not only continue on this path but see how we can support our members and the community to put the “social back into social distancing” and ensure that everyone can support each other as we listen to the science and act responsibly.

Below we’ve outlined some of the impacts you may be questioning and how we will support you.


  • For our members with systems already installed – it will be business as usual for you, with the peace of mind that in the event of power outages, your backup circuits will be activated.
  • We will be implementing video/online based information sessions instead of face to face meetings to explain the use of your systems.
  • We are proposing a Plico Connect virtual happy hour to help manage the sense of isolation this unprecedented health crisis may create. We will share details on how you can join in as we work out the best video platforms for our members to engage with. Keep an eye out for communication from our team on what to look for to help you get onboard.  If you haven’t already – join Plico Connect here.
  • We will encourage communication within Plico Connect and support of fellow members who may require assistance.
  • We will be sharing stories and strategies around working from home and/or preparing your business for a remote workforce. Plico is lucky to be well down this pathway and will be happy to share our experience in this space.
  • We will continue to develop our referral program and provide easy methods for you to share your Plico experience – from the comfort of your home.
  • Patterns of energy use during this time is likely to vary from your norm, Plico will be available to help you maximise the efficiencies and resilience of your system moving forward.

Installations Pending

We will continue to work through all existing applications for Plico systems with a view to having them installed as soon as possible, current events permitting.

During the installation process there should be no need for the electrician to enter your house and so we believe we can carry out installations whilst observing the recommended hygiene and social distancing protocols easily and effectively.

We will achieve this by:

  • Planning and communicating to installers and customers social distancing protocols
  • Train installers in how to achieve this and also reiterate the necessity for frequent good hygiene and use of hand sanitizer.
  • Limit or eliminate access to the house.
  • Outlining and ensuring a clear cleaning protocol before departure/on handover.

At this stage, we understand our ability to source equipment required to carry out installations has not been interrupted.  While this remains the status quo – we’ll be working hard to get systems installed as fast as possible.  If anyone knows of electricians looking for work, let us know (CEC accreditation required).

New Member Enquiries & Community Events

For the moment, we have suspended all community events and activities and will move to a digital or phone-based sales process as is practicable.  This is not hugely different to current practices.  In some cases, we may need to utilise video technology to assess a home’s suitability and/or requirements.  We will work with our customers to make this as easy and effective as possible.

If you have yet to make a decision to proceed with your Plico system, now may be a good time to consider it.  Our system promotes energy resilience and independence and in the event power supplies are interrupted, our members will continue to be able to power their homes, day and night


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