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Busting the biggest solar and battery myths

When it comes to researching solar options for your home, it can feel like a bit of a labyrinth of options, information, and choice. In addition, there’s a lot of misinformation about technology and how it works. It can really put a dampener on your enthusiasm! 

We’re here to help by busting a few myths you may have heard. Let’s get to it!


Myth: Solar batteries are too expensive 

Truth: While solar batteries are an investment (which you can pay over time with Plico’s subscription model), they can actually save you money.  

If your energy bills are above average, or you use a lot of energy at night, solar batteries most certainly can save you money.  

The lesson? Don’t rule out installing a solar battery if you want to save on energy. The first step is finding out more about your specific requirements. With Plico, we can estimate just how much you will save with a solar battery – and if you won’t save, we say so!  

Find out more in this article. 


Myth: You don’t need a battery for solar 

Truth: Of course it’s possible to capture and use solar energy during the day with solar panels alone. But if you truly want to get the most from your solar panels, save on energy costs, and access your solar energy at night and during blackouts, you need a battery.  

Only a battery allows you to access your solar energy at night and during blackouts. 

With feed-in tariffs at an all-time low, your excess solar energy is worth far more to you to use in your home than exporting back to the grid.  


Myth: It’s better to wait for the tech to get improve and prices to go down 

Truth: Technology is always improving, of course - this is true for all types of tech! But why would you wait to start saving when the tech is already available? You can start saving now, and Plico’s 10-year warranty is here to provide peace of mind. Plus, we provide ongoing support for the 10 years you’re with us so you know you’ll get optimal performance. Why wait? 


Myth: You can use solar energy at night 

Truth: Solar energy can be used at night - but only when paired with a battery. Your Plico solar battery stores excess solar energy so you can power your home with this clean energy during the darker hours! 


Myth: You can use solar energy during blackouts 

Truth: This one is partially correct, but you can only use solar during a blackout if you have a hybrid inverter, coupled with batteries, and linked to dedicated back-up circuits. If you have standalone solar panels and a standard setup, you won’t be able to use your solar during a blackout.  

With Plico, however, your solar system can continue powering your key appliances during a blackout. That’s one of the many benefits of a Plico solar + battery or battery only system.  


Myth: We may as well wait for the grid to ‘go green’ 

Truth: While the WA government has announced plans to triple the size of the electricity system and wean itself off fossil fuels, the plan is yet to be detailed or budgeted… and is set to take 20 years. Why wait 20 years when you can stop using fossil fuels for electricity in your home now? Solar and battery technology is available today - and Plico’s subscription model makes it as affordable as ever. 

Plus, with Plico you can join WA’s largest privately-owned Virtual Power Plant and actively support the grid and accelerate the clean energy transformation.  

Proudly West Australian, Plico’s mission is to make solar + battery solutions as affordable as possible for everyone. Our unique offering includes solar + battery, 10 years of support and no big upfront cost - all for a low weekly fee. If you’d like to learn more about finding the system that is right for you, talk to one of our switched-on team by calling 1300 175 426. 


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