Plico Team 01/02/2023 8 min read

Eliminate unnecessary energy costs this summer

Summer is the time of year we tend to see increases in our energy bills. And in 2023, with so many other costs of living on the rise, the last thing we need is unnecessary expenses. We’ve rounded up several practical, easy tips to help you increase your summer energy efficiency as the temperatures rise, and help with energy bills in the process.


Keep it cool, naturally

Before you reach for the A/C remote, there are several ways - mostly simple - to keep things cool in your home, naturally. Why bother? Because air conditioners are big energy consumers (and quickly increase your energy bill).


Open a window… and a door

Perhaps the simplest - and therefore an overlooked - idea is to encourage cross breezes in your home. Open a door or a window, but don’t stop at just one - open another door or window on the opposite side of the room or house. Then sit back and enjoy the breeze.


Be a fan of fans

Costing far less than air conditioners to run, fans are super affordable while also being super cooling, when you’re able to be near them. They’re also a great option at nighttime when you need to cool down, but you don't want your energy bill to skyrocket via the A/C.



Hidden behind ceilings and walls, insulation is not something we often think about. But checking that you have good coverage in your roof space is a powerful way to supercharge any cooling you create in your home. While you’re at it, check there are no gaps or leaks around windows and doors (and grab a door snake too).


Cover up (your windows)

Even if your windows don’t receive direct sunlight, they can magnify and transmit heat from outside, into your home. The best option is to take advantage of external shading (such as awnings, shutters and deciduous trees) but you can also invest in double glazing. Closing windows and blinds is the next best - and simplest - way to repel daytime heat.


Use A/C early in the day, then turn it off

If you know there’s going to be a heatwave during the day, try using your A/C first thing in the morning when the house is already cooler. This tactic can also save you money, because it means your A/C doesn’t have to work so hard (ie use as much energy) to cool your house down. Keep it no lower than 24 degrees, as any cooler and the cost will quickly compound. Then use the above tactics to trap the cool air in (and keep the impending heat out).


Avoid extra heat

While we’re talking about using appliances with forward-planning, think about the ones that generate additional heat in your home. If you need to cook, can you avoid the oven or perhaps use a BBQ outside? Does the TV really need to be on? These big appliances generate additional heat, so reconsider what you really need.


Got solar? Make the most of it.

Of course, during summer it’s also a great time to take advantage of your solar system. More rays = more free energy for your home. Here are a couple of ideas for maximising your solar investment.


Use electrical appliances during the sunniest part of the day

This one just makes sense. Power up your electrical appliances during the sunniest part of your day, and you’ll be drawing on the sun’s energy rather than the grid’s. Use dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and air conditioners between 10am and 2pm. If you’re not home to start them, most appliances have a timer you can set so it kicks off while the sun shines.


Convert to electric

While we’re talking about maximising your electrical appliances’ efficiency during the sunniest hours, think about whether there are any appliances you could switch over to electric (for example, from gas). Think about cooktops and water heaters as the biggest areas of opportunity.


And of course if you don’t have solar, talk to Plico today about how much you could save by putting in a solar + battery solution. Not only will you maximise the power of the sun’s rays, but you'll be able to access your power during night times, blackouts and outages too!


Don’t delay - book in your obligation-free call today. You can view our different solar + battery systems by clicking here or calculate your projected savings with our Solar Savings CalculatorYou can also get in touch with one of our switched-on team members by calling 1300 175 426 to see how a solar + battery system can help you save.