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Solar Battery Myths, Busted!

A rising number of people are beginning to realise that solar batteries are the key to experiencing the independence and sustainability they are seeking. However, there are still a number of myths that mislead individuals when it comes to solar batteries. Here at Plico, we want it to be exciting and easy for everyone to make the switch to renewable energy, so let’s get to the bottom of some of these misconceptions right now. 


Can solar batteries explode? 

The short answer is only in extreme rarity, if ever. The Clean Energy Council and CSIRO’s study Energy Storage Safety concluded that “battery storage is a low-risk technology” and that the primary focus should be on installation – ensuring that an accredited installer performs it. Documented issues with solar batteries can usually be traced back to incorrect installation and a lack of specialist care. Fortunately for Plico members, not only will you have your solar panels, batteries and inverters installed by qualified local experts, but you’ll also receive ten years of ongoing maintenance and support – mitigating risks of incorrect installation and maintenance. 

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If you get a bigger battery, you’ll save more money. 

The logic is somewhat understandable – a bigger battery means more storage resulting in more energy that can be accrued and utilised. But, like most things in life, it’s not as simple as that. The bigger the battery, the more it costs, and often the more expensive your installation cost is. So it’s financially savvy to ensure that the battery size you choose is the right size – getting a battery too big, with storage you can’t fill, is a waste of money. Each property is different; that’s why Plico’s team of specialists go to every property before installation, ensuring that you’re getting the optimal benefits for the least possible financial cost.

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Solar batteries are really expensive. 

This is an easy myth to bust as solar batteries have experienced a perpetually rapid fall in price and are still in decline today. This price reduction, coupled with the monthly and yearly savings solar users get, means you have the possibility of paying off the initial cost over time. However, expensive is a relative term and the current cost can still prove too high for some. Here at Plico, we believe that renewable energy should be available for everyone, which is why we’ve created a new solar model. 

Plico members don’t have any big upfront costs, instead having small, manageable weekly payments. So you can reap the rewards of solar without the financial stress. This model is great news for everyone as due to the technology needed to create solar batteries, the decline in price is set to plateau in the near future.

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Battery technology isn’t ready for solar. 

Lithium-ion batteries, like Plico’s, have been around for a long time and are everywhere. We each walk around with one in our pocket all day, in the form of our mobile phones. We’ve gone through the learning stage, the trying and testing, and have now settled on a winning formula. We have reliable and durable batteries that are being consistently produced on a large scale with streamlined manufacturing. 


You need expansive space to store solar batteries. 

Plico’s standard battery setups are around 1.8m in height and 0.6m in depth – a size that can fit in a range of areas around your property. They’re also cyclone proof, meaning that they can reside in your home’s exteriors or garage. 


Solar batteries need to be regularly replaced. 

Unlike Plico, companies charge high upfront costs for the purchase and installation of solar batteries, so it makes sense that individuals have concerns over the lifespan of their batteries. I mean, if you’re forking out thousands every couple of years, what you’re saving from your solar system hardly seems to matter. 

Like most products, it comes down to quality. All of Plico’s batteries have an estimated lifespan of fifteen years. This isn’t a number we’ve plucked out of the air, it’s from years of experience. We use only the highest quality equipment. Regardless, Plico members needn’t worry as they have ten years of ongoing support and maintenance – receiving replacement batteries free of charge if any issue arises. When those ten years have elapsed, members can update to the newest technology or have their current system maintained by Plico for a small weekly price. 


Solar panels are the most important part of your solar system. 

While solar panels are an essential part of generating your energy, batteries are the aspect that allows you to reap the benefits of this creation. A solar setup comprised only of panels means that your generated energy must be used immediately; any surplus is wasted. In short, when the sun is out, you’ve got power. When it isn’t, you’re paying to be back on the grid. 


Batteries allow you to be self-reliant and store your energy, so you have it for times of need. They change solar from a basic tool into a lifestyle that saves you money and helps the environment. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about solar battery technology, give our friendly team of specialists a call on 1300 175 426 or send us an email.


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