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How does the Tesla Powerwall stack up against the Plico Solar + Battery?

Because of the widespread reach of its influential creator, the Tesla Powerwall has been getting substantial attention in recent times. It’s attracted focus for delivering users benefits such as backup protection, energy storage and distribution, durability, and a compact design.  

While Plico loves any development that helps increase the awareness and use of renewable energy, Western Australian residents needn't look to the United States to be self-reliant and sustainable in their energy use. With our unique solar + battery system matching the Tesla Powerwall in many areas and exceeding it in others, we have your back.

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Putting the Tesla Powerwall under the microscope. 

The Powerwall allows owners to store their generated energy and monitor the accumulation and distribution details through the Tesla app. This power storage mitigates the risk of blackouts, and the company also offers a ten-year warranty on their batteries. 

However, a major detraction is the upfront cost of buying and then installing a Powerwall battery. The battery alone costs $10,000, with an estimated $1,700 and $2,000 for supporting hardware and installation. This figure, around $14,000, simply isn’t feasible for many, and it doesn’t even include the cost and installation of your panels.

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Consumers are calmed by the perceived security of a big business. Part of the attraction of the Powerwall is its backing from a worldwide creator – the feeling that if something goes wrong, there are long-established systems and strategies in place to help you. Yet rarely do we remember how insignificant we are in the eyes of big businesses. For them, it’s a numbers game. 

While the Tesla Powerwall plays a part in the positive shift towards renewable energy, unfortunately, they’re privileging solar freedom to only a select few who can afford it; all of us should be allowed to contribute to a more sustainable future. 


Redefining the solar process. 

Plico’s solar + battery solution is breaking the mould and making clean, renewable and reliable energy affordable for as many people as possible. We are, at our heart, on a mission to rewrite Australias energy future. We realised that the large upfront costs of installing solar panels prevented many motivated, sustainably-minded people from joining the movement towards a brighter future. So we’ve disrupted the industry where for a small weekly payment, you can have solar panels, a battery and an inverter installed. There aren’t any big upfront costs and qualified local experts complete all installations. Click the following link to calculate your solar savings now.

With Plico’s unique solar + battery system, you’re able to generate and store your energy, utilising it when you need to – that means blackout protection for you! Our batteries are lithium-ion phosphate for maximum security, and you can track how much energy you’re creating and using through the Plico app. Unlike other providers, such as Tesla, we offer ten years of ongoing cloud-based monitoring of your system and support for members, giving you security and peace of mind. Unlike Tesla’s Powerwall, which is AC-coupled, our batteries are DC-coupled. This is intentional, as it allows for the greatest range of adaptability and efficiency. The best part is that our batteries have a lengthy history of testing and development behind them, unlike many solar batteries on the market. 

We also feel uniquely placed in the market to offer both the personalised touch of small business and the security of big business. We are an Australian company, born and bred in WA and backed by the global Swiss investment firm, SUSI Partners. Meaning our members get the unique combination of international innovation, with a local focus. 


If youre ready to start a conversation about how a Plico solar + battery solution could help you save big on your energy bills AND reduce your carbon footprint, contact our Plico team today. 


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