Plico Team 18/01/2022 10 min read

Why it Pays For Small Businesses to Go Solar

As a small business, every decision you make has the ability to thrust you forward or pull you back. While this brings a sense of responsibility and pressure, ultimately, it’s exciting – you have the power to put your business on the path to success.

Utilising solar within your business can be one of those influential, positive choices. It’s a decision that promotes longevity – with the savings from solar continuing to accumulate year after year. It also gives businesses the security of blackout prevention, so that whatever’s happening in the outside world, your business can keep moving forward.


Solar is an affordable option for small businesses. 

Let’s start with an obvious benefit: creating and utilising your energy means lower electrical bills long-term. Companies that use solar have lower bills than if they were getting their energy exclusively off the grid. There are also financial incentives to installing solar. While these vary from state to state and have declined slightly in recent years, they’re still an opportunity for financial gains throughout the solar process.  

The only significant detraction a business owner faces in utilising solar is the upfront cost. Clean Energy Council estimates the cost of installing solar for commercial properties between $12,100 up to $115,500. Of course, as a small business, the likelihood is that you’ll sit on the lower end of that scale. Even so, margins can be razor-thin when running a small operation, and for many companies, the upfront installation costs prove to be a hurdle too large.  

In attempting to make renewable energy available to everyone, Plico’s solar + battery solution is breaking the mould. We are, at our heart, on a mission to rewrite Australia’s energy future. We realise that the large upfront costs of installing solar panels prevent many motivated, sustainably-minded people from joining the movement towards a brighter future. So we’ve disrupted the industry with a weekly payment system, meaning that businesses can have solar panels, a battery, and an inverter installed for a low weekly fee. There aren’t any big upfront costs, and qualified local experts complete all installations. Why not see how much money you can save with our solar energy savings calculator?

 Solar could help your small business save money.


Improve the reliability of daily business with solar. 

Plico’s solar + battery system also provides you with the ability to store your energy, meaning that no matter what is happening out in the wider world, you’re protected. This includes blackouts, which can put a significant dent in your company’s productivity.  

If the power’s out, so is your income and ability to work; yet there are still wages to pay and other outgoing expenses. That’s a scary recipe for any business, big or small. With Plico’s solar + battery system, those powerless periods are a thing of the past. When the electrical grid goes down, you’ve got energy stored, a lot of energy – you’ve been creating the majority of your energy this whole time! 


Ingrain your business in the community with solar. 

Another positive impact of installing solar for your small business is its influence on your company’s identity, both with consumers and potential employees. In recent years, consumers have been holding companies accountable for their sustainability practices, purchasing from the most environmentally-friendly brands. Potential employees are the same – with many being more motivated to work for a business with a sustainable ethos. Moving to solar tells everyone that you care about our environment, and right now, that’s the best PR you can get. 


Plico supports your business. 

We also understand that when you’re a small business, there’s a necessity for hyper-focus on your company’s procedures and performance – you don’t have time to have that attention stolen away. With this in mind, we offer our customers ten years of ongoing monitoring and support, allowing you to focus on kicking those goals you’re working towards. 

Get in contact with the Plico team to find out which solar + battery system will be the best fit to assist your business towards a sustainable and successful future.  


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