Plico Team 14/12/2021 10 min read

Sustainability: A Profitable Necessity

What comes racing to your mind when you think of climate change and sustainability? Many of us are quick to fall into a mindset of doom and gloom, yet there’s plenty to be optimistic about. While the implications of our environmental impact can be intimidating, we have the power to change the narrative and write the future. It’s easy to concentrate on the well-documented negatives – roaring fires, rising sea levels and pollution – yet while these issues are a reality, we’re also witnessing a significant shift in focus to sustainable practices. The best news of all is that those making greener choices are being rewarded for their efforts. 


Green and sustainable stocks are more profitable than ever. 

ESG (‘Environment, Social and Governance’) is a set of criteria that an investor can measure a company against to evaluate how environmentally sustainable they are. In recent times, ESG investing has seen a boom. In February 2021, sustainable investments – stocks in companies with a high ESG score – were outperforming traditional stocks. 

While this may seem like news that’s unrelated to your life, it’s not. Sustainability stocks surpassing traditional alternatives is an indicator of how our world is changing for the better and how it’s possible for everyone to win in the battle against climate change. 


Solar users are rewarded for their sustainability.  

For years solar users have experienced financial rewards for their sustainable choice. Government rebates, low energy bills, tax cuts, increase in property value – the list goes on. However, it’s not just financial benefits that solar users reap; Plico customers, with their solar + battery systems, are immune to blackouts and are largely self-reliant – producing a great deal of their energy needs. 

These benefits are set for exponential growth as humanity continues to shift its focus to conscientious choices, replacing old methods with sustainable alternatives. Greener pathways and systems will grow in strength and momentum as more people adopt them. 


Big brands and companies are catching on… 

We recently highlighted how car manufacturers Jaguar, Mini and Volvo have all committed to going entirely electric in the coming decades. Other industries, such as fashion, are also seeing their major players filter their decisions through a sustainability mindset. This is an exciting indicator of positive change, and the credit goes to you, the consumer, who have made it good business for companies to focus on sustainability. 

Consumers have made a shift to sustainable consumption, wanting to know a company’s ethos and sustainability practices before purchasing a product from them. The electrical industry is experiencing this, with individuals moving to clean, renewable energy such as solar. Utilising Plico’s solar + battery system not only gives you self-reliance but also provides you with the confidence to know that you’re not degrading the planet, just to turn your kitchen light on. Our current grid system, with its reliance on coal, is becoming a thing of the past. So get ahead of the pack and be part of the movement heading towards a brighter future. 


It’s about teamwork and collaboration. 

Doing something positive, like investing in a solar + battery system for your home, should be rewarded. The rewards don’t undermine the decision you’ve made; they help cultivate a culture of positive reinforcement for sustainable choices, which is how it should be. 

Plico’s goal is to make it as convenient and beneficial as possible for you to join the movement that’s leading us forward. That’s why we offer no big upfront costs and ten years of ongoing support. You’re doing something great for our planet, and when even one person commits to a more sustainable future, we all win. 


To explore which solar + battery system is the perfect fit for you, and a further breakdown of the benefits, call or email our team of specialists. Now’s the time to be rewarded for your renewable, positive choices. 


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