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Plico Team 29/09/2023 12 min read

What is the Best Orientation for Solar Panels in Australia?

The best orientation for solar panels in Australia is north, between a 30 to 45-degree ...
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Plico Team 21/09/2023 15 min read

How to Make the Most of the Synergy Midday Saver Tariff

Synergy’s Midday Saver tariff offers three separate energy rates based on peak, off-peak, ...
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Plico Team 18/09/2023 16 min read

How can a Virtual Power Plant help manage minimum demand on the WA grid?

When you join Plico, you become part of Plico’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) - the first ...
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Plico Team 18/09/2023 12 min read

7 tips for a sustainable spring

Spring is the season of renewal and growth, and it's also an opportunity to review and ...
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Plico Team 07/09/2023 24 min read

Why (and when) you’ll draw from the grid with a solar battery

We all want to power our homes with as much of our self-produced, clean energy as ...
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Plico Team 04/09/2023 11 min read

What is the Best Way to Clean Solar Panels?

The best way to clean solar panels is by enlisting a professional. Natural substances ...
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Plico Team 30/08/2023 16 min read

What are the Current Feed-in Tariffs for Western Australia?

In Western Australia, the current Synergy feed-in tariff rate is 10 cents per ...
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Plico Team 21/08/2023 18 min read

Why Won’t my Solar Panel Charge my Battery?

Solar panels may not be charging your battery if your solar system isn’t generating ...
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Plico Team 11/08/2023 15 min read

I’m a Landlord – Should I Get Solar for My Rental Property?

Getting solar for your rental property can increase property value, earning potential and ...
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